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Resource sharing

Shih-Jing team uphold "sharing" as our business philosophy.

Space sharing

Members may participate and enjoy all of the interior materials ,equipment and leisure space based on Shih-Jing offering.

Service sharing

Shih-Jing has unique highly intelligent office equipment and professional services help you work efficiently.

FRONT. Shared space
Business Lounge| Drop-in space for co-working
Display Area| Display decoration materials
Bar Area| Self-service area with coffee/tea
Open Office Area| Casual seating workspace
MIDDLE. Co-working space with interior materials decoration
Stationary Area| Access to multi-function printer & equipment
Open Office Area| Fixed seating workspace
Single room office space| Total 4 rooms
Office room for 2 people| Total 4 rooms
Office room for 4-6 people| Total 7 rooms
BACK. Conference area
Grand meeting room| For group of 10-12 people
Meeting room| For group of 6-8 people
Shower room| Premium shower space
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Our Services
Secretary services
  • + Mail and package posting.
  • + Office stationery ordering service
  • + Professional reception services for business visitors to maintain a perfect corporate image
  • + Dedicated phone lines. Fax, courier, general postage and package handling services Conferencing supp
  • Basic equipment
  • + Ergonomic office chairs
  • + Free wired/wireless networking
  • + 24-hour controlled access
  • + Offering Refrigerator, microwave, oven, steam box
  • + Surround audio and video equipment
  • Unique item
  • + TV Projection to the screen wall
  • + import facilities of the shower room
  • + SYR SOFTENER i-Lex
  • + Venue rental or events
  • + Display Area- Display decoration materials